Here at R.I. Randall and Sons safety is key! Having valid, up to date insurance is a must for our company and crew. No matter how safe you are accidents CAN happen. With R. I. Randall and Sons you can rest assured that your home is protected.


BUSSINESS LIABILITY Certificate of Insurancee.   $2,000,000.00 coverage, contact JoAnn Bergeron Agency, 118 York St., York Maine 03909 at or Deb at 207-363-8902. 



FOR Workmen's Comp CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE PLEASE EMAIL or call 1-866-890-9965.

When requesting certificate, please provide the name of my business, R. I. Randall and Sons, and policy number, 6261x272. For further information call 1-207-846-6087. The insurance company will require your name, address, business name(if applicable), and phone number/email.




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 *Contractors can easily manufacture false insurance documents. Please ensure that the documents provided are valid and up to date and come FROM the actual insurance company.*