Before and After!

Check out a few of our "before and after" jobs and see how we get the job done!

Peaks Island


This job was a complete "demo" and remodeling of the deck, handrails, entryway, sils, window and door replacement, door frame adjustment, and lattice work. Transfering needed materials on the ferry was quite the test, but our guys came through to give the homeowner a clean, crisp result.

Yarmouth 2 1/2 story Colonial


High peaks and "dental" work (intricate moldings on upper trim) were the obsticals on this one. On a busy main road, curb appeal was very important. This was one to be proud of.

Scarborough waterfront


This home was a nice little break from the usual. A great breeze in the peak of summer helps our guys and this home was right on the water. Less scraping then usual was nice, but our attention to detail stays the same, giving us a great finished product