Peaks Island




Demo-ing the top deckboards is the first step. Doing this first allows to to fully inspect and diagnose the foundation of the deck. Upon further review, the homeowner decided for a total rebuild!

Perimeter deck joyce


A properly placed sauna tube is important for the structure of the deck. Then installing the perimeter joyce comes next. It serves as the frame for the cross-joyces' and deckboards.


Cross Joyces and Handrail


New cross-joyces are put in and an old hand rail is taken out. Doing this properly ensures your top deckboards will go down evenly and flat. Rot on a handrail is important to get rid of. With the majority of people using the handrail for support, the homeowner asked a new one be put in



With the last cedar deckboards installed the deck is ready to go. A little more lattice work was all that was left. Our guys were happy with the finished product and happy to get out of the hot sun!


Everything must go!


Along with reframing and reinstalling a window and door, we re-sided the entire house. Proper demo, including removal of nails and excess debris, of the siding is important to ensure quick installation of Typar and or Grace Ice/water shield. Again, making sure your home is 100% ABSOLUTELY water tight is one of our many goals.

Old Siding


Lots of siding to be replaced! We completely demo-ed the old faded siding and replaced it. This not only improves the looks of your home, but repairs the outside integrity of the building.

Quick and Clean


Straight lines and proper installation is what we strive for. Making your home stand out above the rest is what we want to accomplish. Constructing new, straight cornerboards is integral to making your siding flush and uniform.

Porch addition and end results