Yarmouth Colonial

Scrape, scrape, scrape!


This Yarmouth colonial presented plenty of challenges. Our first big step is to scrape the peeling and cracked paint off the building, collect it neatly, and dispose of it properly. Scraping is one of the most important steps in the proper "prep" of your home.



Oil-priming is considered by some as an "extra step". At R. I. Randall and Sons we consider it a very "necessary" step to ensure the durability and life of your paint job. Oil-priming seals bare wood and creates a constant surface to apply paint. Without it, peeling and cracking are almost sure to happen again

Body Paint


Wrapping windows in preperation for body paint comes first. Then, using a lift, our guys covered every nook and cranie. Renting a lift was the most cost effecient way to paint all the high peaks and dental work. 

Finished product


Freshly painted shutters provides the final touch to a job well done. On a busy main road, curb appeal was very important. This is one all of us were very proud of